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TFICast 148: The Lifestyle Spiral

Jeremy and Erik revisit Jeremy’s revolution/revelation theory.  Erik expands the theory to include a lifestyle curve.  They try to map out the previous generation, the current generation and the new generation.  It’s then they realize they have no idea what the kids want.  Using seminars, training courses and personal observation they try to figure out what it is that the kids want.  All of this is then put back into Erik’s lifestyle spiral theory.

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TFICast 59: Poo-Poo Platter

It’s the first TFICast clip show featuring over 80% new content!

Jeremy and Erik talk about revolutions vs. revelations but are sidetracked by trying to define affirmative action and welfare.

Jeremy and Erik discuss the pitfalls of a polygamist lifestyle.

Solo Cloister
Jeremy tries to engage Erik in a conversion about activism.  However all Erik can talk about are vassals and cloisters.

Bonus Materials
Also included are the classic Spotted Dick commercials, the Deep Thought intro and the new adventures of Abi Abuboo.


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TFICast 6: Trucks & ATVs

Jeremy and Erik talk about the future technology of TFI, mock radio shows, country music, DJing for weddings, pick up trucks and ATVs (all the addons), the desert, mini vans, home brew beers, uplifting conversations, food flavorings, needs over desire, revolutions, self promotion, setting yourself apart and p*ssy walking.


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