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TFICast 148: The Lifestyle Spiral

Jeremy and Erik revisit Jeremy’s revolution/revelation theory.  Erik expands the theory to include a lifestyle curve.  They try to map out the previous generation, the current generation and the new generation.  It’s then they realize they have no idea what the kids want.  Using seminars, training courses and personal observation they try to figure out what it is that the kids want.  All of this is then put back into Erik’s lifestyle spiral theory.

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TFICast 76: FaceSpace

Jeremy and Erik start podcasting at 1:30am with talking about MULE and their Mountain Wumpus Hunter group and ask that YOU join.  This leads to talking about FaceBook spam via groups.  The conversation then leads to the future of social networking and friend scavenger hunts and also what is your criteria for a social networking friend.  Jeremy talks about pen pals and wonders whatever happened to letter writing.  Jeremy wants a boat and somehow is connected to the rest of the conversation.  Plans are made for Erik’s 40th birthday.


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TFICast 66: Enigmatic

Jeremy and Erik discuss the Internet, Twitter, The lie that is the Facebook IQ challenge.  Erik talks about his phone provider.  Jeremy meets an enigma and talks about him which leads into Whole Foods and Trader Joes.


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TFICast 51: Destroying History

Jeremy and Erik talk about deception, desensitization, seeqpod, drunken spanish priests, Valentines Day advertising, perceptions of time, Columbus lies, the winners who write history, wiped out societies, sing a song for the Internets, talk about the anti-social Facebook, cell phone etiquette, Jeremy’s distibution deal, buying new vs. fixing the old, and finish with home decor.


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TFICast 25: Stract Death

TFICast Archives – A tale of Stract Death

Originally recorded on June 11th 2008.  Jeremy and Erik talk about the abstract vs the stract, kids on the myspace, demographics through Facebook, renaming Mark Zuckerberg to Mars Zuckerman, the ingredients of Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding, A topic of Zombies and death provided by our New York correspondent Adam, Jeremy sets up an afterlife scenario, and Erik builds his point to an explosion.


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