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The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show 041 – Kerrie and Eric Fargiorgio



Tune to this episode of The Haunted Buffalo Radio show for a lively discussion of the dead that I’m sure you’ll dig, with Eric and Kerrie Fargiorgio, the EEERIE PA Connection to AWESOMENESS .. it’s true. You’ll be moderately shocked and more than somewhat amazed at the Crypto Sketchin’, tattoo doin’ T-Shirt makin’ … and stylish couple that is, the Far … Fargi … Fargiorgio’s! Seriously, great peeps and it’ll be a fun hour! Tonight at 9PM on Para X Radio www.para-x.com. join us for the chatroom, stay because you have nothing better to do (let’s be honest).Check out Eric’s work at www.facebook.com/EerieEricF


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