The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show 040 – Mason Winfield



In this episode of  The Haunted Buffalo Radio Show! Author, researcher and Supernatural Historian; Mr. Mason Winfield. I first picked up one of his books, “Shadows of the Western Door” in and around about 1998 or so and I read it cover to cover in one, cabin in the woods infused, sitting. Since then I’ve picked up several of his other works, gone to his organized “Ghost Toasts” and Tours of an array of local landmark strips as well as some underground tunnels in the city of Buffalo where Al Capone was said to have lumbered, or at lest use the rest room. All in all, always had an enjoyable time on his watch and I’m certain that this weeks show will be nothing less than all that goodness that I’ve so fantastically recounted. Please check out his website … and Facebook for more info and his . Of corpse, don’t forget to tune with and chat with like minded awesome peeps at, every Wednesday night at 9PM … extra sharp! End communication.

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